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With SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) in a design, you have lots of opportunities: SVG is a resolution-independent graphical format which means that you don’t have to serve up multiple versions of a given graphic to all of the different screens. And that is a huge time saver. Because SVG is…

In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how to animate a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) icon using CSS. This tutorial will give you valuable insight for using SVG as your preferred graphic format. …

I’m collecting my published infographics I created starting from 2000 until now in this place.

Digimeter report infographic

— adoption and usage of media & ICT in Flanders in 2013

Digimeter report — adoption and usage of media & ICT in Flanders 2013

Percolate Content Marketing

- How much does marketing really cost?


In this tutorial, I’m creating an icon for a message/chat application, I’m using a “postman” bird as a starting point. This tutorial gives you an insight into the steps to take from an initial sketch to a vectorized icon that is ready to…

In this tutorial, i’ll explain the process of converting a sketch into a smart illustration using a platform called illustrio.

Creative people love sketching. Transforming ideas into drawings can take an idea to the next level. What would my drawing look like if this fish is actually swimming, how would…


I’m a web- & graphic designer living in Belgium with over ten years of expertise in creating web & print experiences for institutes and companies

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